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Grateful follower

As a believer in Christ this devotional reflects my conviction that there is a God, He is smarter than me and He loves me. Every person on earth is loved by the trinity. Especially those who are lost like me. Praise the God that sees no difference in any soul.

Daily Encouragement

Often the devotional speaks directly to whatever is happening in my life at the moment. This is timeless and blessed!See

Edifies my whole being, body, mind and soul!

Excellent resource for encouragement and building up your inner spiritual self...Loving it immensely♥️

Devotions of poetry

Wonderful poetry of the light in God's love.

Streams in the Desert

Streams in the Desert is awesome! Packed with inspiration through Scripture and illustrations that are applicable to daily life makes a devotion I read daily year after year.

Our daily devotional for 30+ years!

Great collection of spiritual thoughts for the day.

Blessed daily!!!

Hands down—probably the best devotional I have ever read. I have a paperback copy as well as the app version. I read it everyday. You won’t be sorry.

Very good

So very uplifting and good to read. B J 1942

A great devotional

I switched after My Utmost For His Highest changed the layout of their app making it more about making money than the actual devotion. I’ve been reading Streams in the Desert for about a year now and I’m really enjoying it.

Reassuring promises and reminders

The app is so handy when I haven’t had the opportunity to read my copy or want a refresher during the day

Streams in the Desert

Love streams, but I am having a hard time with the new app. I found that the way it was presented, the reminder to do the devotion at 7 am was so much better than the way is presented now; it’s somewhat vague, the rest it is good. Thank you

Never begin a day without for 50 years.

Liked the original version better. Tired of the pics because they are distracting from the computer tent.

The devotional is awesome

That devotional comes every weekday at 9 AM, even when I forget. It reminds me. It’s perfect.

Good words to live by

Since 1976, this devotional has continued to encourage my faith and walk in Christ.

I use it everyday

It’s part of my morning devotions most everyday. I’d love to see more by the author of these timeless and inspiring thoughts.

Streams In The Dessert

remarkable and uplifting words that inspire and confirm the love of God for us and within us to pass on to those who are always not easy to love...including ourselves. Try it once and see how it speaks to you.

Good addition to my Bible readings

I enjoy the thoughts that are included in the daily devotions. They often stir my mind to things that I may have let fall by the wayside for a bit and encourage me to get back on track.

My Favorite Devotional

I have many different devotionals I’ve collected and kept close by since giving my heart to Jesus many decades ago, but this is the one I choose above all others. The truth of God’s magnificent word to us is revealed in such wisdom, beauty and excellence in the art of writing and human expression.

Streams in the Desert

This devotional is timeless...and always seems to speak directly to where I am in my journey. The app is beautiful and very easy to navigate as well. Love it so much....favorite app!


It always speak to me ... even after I have already done a morning Devo

Best Devotional Book Ever!

It’s like God steps into time and many times speaks directly to my situation. Amazing! Awesome God! I thank God for the author of this Holy Spirit inspired book.


“Streams” is subtly impacting because it reinforces the great biblical truths of God’s faithfulness, trustworthiness and care. It consistently and intentionally directs the reader back to the Word. Powerful resource!

Always encouraging

Seems to always strike a chord

Great Book

There is something in this book everyday for me. I love it.💜💜💜💜💜


What a blessing😇 LUV the audio & all the other features! The price is sooo reasonable, too. God bless the developer🙏

Very encouraging!

When going through trials, this study has been so helpful to get my focus back on God and off my circumstances.

Daily Streams

I read this the first thing in the morning. It helps me start the day in a very good place. As they say, it is short, but sooo sweet!

Life changing

My all time favorite devotional that I keep returning to over the years of my life. Encourages steadfastness, perseverance and Holy living. Great thoughts to meditate on throughout your day. A classic that needs to be near your Bible.


Totally relevant to my every day Spiritual life.


Great app devotional

One of my top 5

I was given the book as a Christmas gift sometime ago. When I found there was an app version I knew I had to get it. I have had the app for several years now with rarely any issues. Even with all of Apples software updates, it has continue to adjust and operate seamlessly. Aside from the Bible, this is my most favorite book to read. It is filled with encouragement, wisdom, insight and truth.

Great readings

Love it

Easy to navigate

So easy to navigate through each entry. Simple yet elegant layout.

Great blessing

A must for every serious seeker.


Beautiful, well written with care, a hand to hold when your world crashes.

Great Version of "Streams"

I have long been a fan of the "streams in the desert " devotionals. I wasn't sure if I would like this version that has the commentary updated to today's language, but I have found that I like it surprisingly well. I like the Bible verse and beautiful picture as a nice intro. The commentary is very readable-nice for "sleepy brain." But the quoted prose by different authors have been left in their original language, preserving their beauty. All in all it's a lovely way to start each day, and I still read the older version when I have time also. The two versions complement each other very well and I can meditate on the days topic longer.

So encouraging

I truly love this daily devotion. It helps to center me in my day and in God.

Daily streams in the desert

It's great, yet the print is smaller now. Everything rose wonderful. Linda

Great devotional!

Enjoy this very much!

Help for the path

The daily encouragements from this app starts my day off right. I’m not one for poems but the thoughts in them make me think of what is important for me today.

Daily stream

Very good


I have been using this Devotion for over 15 years (starting with the book version). It’s been my go to devotional down to years though I have many. Streams in the desert is my favorite.

They ruined it with the latest release

This used to be one of my favorite devotional apps. I have enjoyed the book for years, and this has made it more available, until now. They have removed some of the content, and the ability to share verses and content has been removed as well. This is a big step backward. I was very unhappy with the new release, but they have fixed a number of things and the sharing now works properly. Thank you.

Streams in my Desert

Always a great word to apply to my life and those around me. A stable for years!

Always enjoyed and now even more!

I have enjoyed and appreciated Streams In The Desert for many years. To now have it at my fingertips in the app is terrific! Thank you!


I appreciate the various Bible versions options.


Good solid, yet stretching word.

Great way to start the day🙏 Amazing blessing !

Given an excellent daily devotion !

Wonderful app

I kept the hard cover edition with me while overseas. I read and reread the book with much joy. And I am now getting much comfort from the electronic version as well

Spiritual Growth

Absolutely life changing devotional!! Feel closer to the Lord and grow spiritually everyday!!

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