Streams in the Desert Devotion App yorumlar

Daily Streams

This app helps me on a daily basis. It has made a positive difference in my life and in my Christian walk!

Love it

Easy to use and full of encouraging truth.

The devotional is awesome

That devotional comes every weekday at 9 AM, even when I forget. It reminds me. It’s perfect.

Great, timeless

I love having the encouragement of this little book easily accessible on my phone.

Always enjoyed and now even more!

I have enjoyed and appreciated Streams In The Desert for many years. To now have it at my fingertips in the app is terrific! Thank you!

Daily Streams

I read this the first thing in the morning. It helps me start the day in a very good place. As they say, it is short, but sooo sweet! I usually read Daily Stream after I have read the verse for the day in Olive Tree Bible Study, which quotes parts of the Bible, and then Daily Stream for sweet thoughts.

Daily Streams

This devotional has more substance than others. Some of the language is a little archaic, but it has much more meaning than the modern devotionals. One gets the feeling that the authors truly walked with God.

Great app!

Love it!

Share button not visible in landscape mode?

Share button not visible in landscape mode? Can this be fixed in a future update? Thanks

Daily Encouragement

Often the devotional speaks directly to whatever is happening in my life at the moment. This is timeless and blessed!See

Our daily devotional for 30+ years!

Great collection of spiritual thoughts for the day.



Love this app

I have a book and the app. I love it because it lifts up and glorify Christ. I have read it through many years and still read it today. It is a must for those who are going through trials and suffering


Daily motivation :)

Daily streams

Wish it were longer

Great blessing

A must for every serious seeker.

Simple yet elegant

So easy to navigate through each entry. Simple yet elegant layout. Great for daily devotions away from home.

Lovely devotional

Everything about the devotional is lovely except the voice option – please find a different voice that pronounces words correctly and is more pleasant to listen to ~you have a great product and by that I hate to call a devotional a product but on the phone that's what it is so be the best you can be and I thank you for your devotionals they've meant a great deal to me as I just lost my 49-year-old son with pancreatic cancer – I would send these devotionals to him and he was greatly blessed so thank you again for asking and I hope that you all have a blessed rest of the week – Nan


Love hearing Biblical truths told thru the eyes, language and common life from years gone by.


The Lord uses Daily Streams to touch needs in my heart, almost daily. Thank you♥️

Streams In The Desert

My mom read this book as a child. She passed it on to me and I have bought copies for each of my children, grandchildren, friends and acquaintances. Truly infused by the Holy Spirit, these writings continue to touch my heart each day. Your App makes access so simple and the pivotal part of my day. 7AM call to arms! LOL Thank you. Judi Collins


Enjoying the inspirational passages and poems given daily..

Streams in the Desert continue to flow through the generations!

My mom gave me my Streams In the Desert book in my 20s and I am now giving it to my kids in their 20s. The blessings from it continue to flow. It’s been speaking to me for over 30 years. I am thrilled to have it on my phone now. 😍🙏

Old quotes

Filled with a lot of very inspirational writings. Limited use of scripture as part of this. Also, I’m sure others love the poetry often used, but it is not to my liking.


I feel I have reconnected with dear friend. I had the earlier versions of Mrs Charles E Coleman’s books. The have been misplaced. The revised versions of these books just are not the same. Then I found this app almost two weeks ago. The scriptures sound the same and a connection was rekindled. Thank you and bless you for making available this version of the original lovely writings. DDJWHEELER

Hard Words to hear

Sometimes these words are simply tough to read. However the true promises of God are revealed and remembered during my times of difficulty and thirst. These words will help you take a step forward each day and remind you that you are not alone

Best devotional

Wisdom written in 1910 but still fresh for today’s world

Great app.

Well designed and easy to use. The devotional material is thoughtful and inspiring.

Great Devotional!

Love that I can get this for my device...when it’s not handy to carry the book around. And love how easy it is to share a particular day with someone via text or email!

Location of my saved favorites

Cannot location my favorites in which I highlighted. Otherwise great app.


So love my quiet time with Streams!! Wouldn't be where I'm at with our Heavenly Daddy without it. Ty Jesus!!

Streams in the Desert

I so prefer the old version of this app

If it Ain’t Broke Why Fox It?

I have been reading Streams In the Desert for the last four years, and even though the language was a bit archaic it carried with it a depth and beauty that touch my soul. This new version doesn’t come close. I’m quite disappointed. While they have received my money for this app, I won’t be reading it anymore. I’m hopeful I will find something as meaningful as he original.


Daily Necessity

Great readings

Love it

Wonderful, and timely, way to start my day.

Streams in the Desert devotional is a favorite of mine. Having it in this format has been easy to carry anywhere and share with loved ones. I also love that I can choose the ESV in it.

Lauren C Van

So refreshing to my soul ❤️

A Wonderful Resource

I have a few devotional Apps but this is the one I go to the most. It’s a gift to have the convenience of these beautifully written, thoughtful, soul-searching devotionals at my fingertips each day. Love it!


Great app devotional


I have found that this set of devotionals to be very thoughtful, contemplative and scriptural. I enjoy reading them to gain the perspective which the authors wish to share. My sole beef with the app is the failure to switch to the proper day. It is easily solved by going to the calendar menu it. A minor annoyance.

My favorite devotional

I left my leather-bound, beautiful Streams devotional on the plane. I was so distraught. I am spending 5-6 weeks in Ukraine for the adoption of our son and I needed my devotional. I was so thankful to find it online! Praise God!

Absolutely love this app!

I’ve had the book for many years now and God has always used it to speak into my heart. I love that now I can get it right on my phone or iPad and read it anywhere! Definitely recommend it!


Love this devotional and the ease with which I can read it anywhere I am! Favorite for sure!❤️

I really like this app

Having enjoyed reading Streams in the Desert more than once, I was very pleased to discover this app. It’s well organized and very user friendly. Thank you for the app.


It always speak to me ... even after I have already done a morning Devo

Streams in the Desert

This devotional is timeless...and always seems to speak directly to where I am in my journey. The app is beautiful and very easy to navigate as well. Love it so much....favorite app!


Great to jump start your day with Gods wisdom and direction. These are among the great way to daily transform your mind daily.

Thank you...

I so appreciate the app developers using the ORIGINAL Streams in the Desert, not the "updated" version that seems to be everywhere. The selections in this book are so rich and beautiful and deep...I certainly don't need anyone to translate it into modern-day dumbed down English! I have looked on and off for years for an app like this and was so happy to find not only this, but Spurgeon's Morning and Evening too. Bought the bundle and have been very satisfied. I did drop it one star though because there's no way to highlight in the passages. (At least that I've been able to find. Maybe I'm missing it.) Other than that, it's just what I was looking for!

Great Find

I have had this app on my phone forever and never looked at it until a couple days ago. I am loving it so far!

My go-to source for daily devotion

The editor of this edition provides a wonderful array of insightful observations into how I can improve my walk with God. I’m grateful that a family member gave me her printed volume as a starter source, which I’ve since passed on to someone who was seeking spiritual guidance during a difficult period in their life.

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