Streams in the Desert Devotion App Reviews

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Love it!!

This is a great daily devotional. I also have the book but having it on an app is so convenient vs carrying a handful of books around each morning. I highly recommend this collection of encouraging and spiritually enriching devotions from the greatest Christian authors. My only recommendation would be a better voice for the audio feature vs the Siri like one it comes with.

Great App!

Great App. Easy to navigate, and is great resource to have available daily on my phone and tablet. I have had the book at home for long time, however, it is never with me when I have time to read. Now each day it is with me wherever and whenever I can. The only recommendation or upgrade I would recommend is the audio portion to be lifelike and real, instead of computer speech

Bom de ler, péssimo de ouvir ( Good to Read, horrible To ear )

A leitura é robotizada. Péssimo de ouvir. The Voice is like a robot Voice. Boring and hard.

Daily Streams

Easy to use. Easy to read. No extra, unneeded frills. Thank you for a great way to present this wonderful classic devotional.

Too unstable

The content is great, but instability (screen shake) keeps me from being able to add notes. Please fix


Everything works great in this app! Love the new update with all the beautiful pics!

Good devotional!

I have the revised book and this is not exactly the same, but they both provide good words


A good little thing to do right when I get up from bed.


Blessings and encouragements await you each day in these words.

Great Version of "Streams"

I have long been a fan of the "streams in the desert " devotionals. I wasnt sure if I would like this version that has the commentary updated to todays language, but I have found that I like it surprisingly well. I like the Bible verse and beautiful picture as a nice intro. The commentary is very readable-nice for "sleepy brain." But the quoted prose by different authors have been left in their original language, preserving their beauty. All in all its a lovely way to start each day, and I still read the older version when I have time also. The two versions complement each other very well and I can meditate on the days topic longer.


This is a very meaningful and helpful daily devotional book for my ipad. I love being able to have all my devotional readings and Bible apps on one device. I dont have to lug heavy books around when I sit down for my quiet time or study time. This is especially nice when I travel, to not have to take numerous books. This daily devotional has some old classic devotionals from writers who thought deeply about Gods truths and were able to aptly express them in a unique devotional style. Just like some of the old hymns that have deep theological truths contained in them, these devotionals take us into deep thoughts about God and His ways for us. I highly recommend this devotional to anyone who loves Gods Word and is serious about their daily walk with The Lord.


I have really been encouraged each day as Ive read this devotional. It has often helped me to remember God attributes and character and realize He is all I need.

Love it

Very well done. Only one request. Id like to set favorites then be able to view and select from a list of my faves.

Daily streams

This is really a great devotional. The ability to have a picture and a devotional together has been a better experience than I imagined. The app has some very nice features such as the ability to track your progress through each day. I find the devotional just the right temperature for starting out a new day: Easy reading, yet often challenging scripture, which I am able to ponder on throughout the day. Well done, will be a great asset to anyone striving to know Christ more intimately. Thank you

Streams In the Desert

Amazing how this devotional is always so timely and congruent to my daily life. It is Gods Holy Spirit who has inspired this book publication and many in my family has been blessed by its words of encouragement and scripture readings.

Love this app

I have always love this devotional! My book is so worn and I hate to take it when I travel. This is a wonderful way around that!! The pictures they use each day are beautiful!! And I love that I can email the devos to people! I love how God speaks through these writings. Get it!! Its worth more then gold!

Love it

Really enjoy this app and that I had the option to remove ads.

Streams in the Desert Devotion App

Love this app! Streams in the Desert gives hope and encouragement. Precisely when you need it. It is easy to use, and a true blessing to anyone that uses it. It is my favorite.

Fitting app for a magnificent classic

A very nicely designed app which does service to Mrs Cowans classic daily devotion. I appreciate the accuracy (that Ive not seen in a number of other apps attempting to do this) and all the latest social features. This will be a trusted part of my daily quiet times. I also look forward to seeing the comments-forum grow. Better yet, integrating commentaries about the readings from reputable sources (if they exist!) would be a great add. Thank you for your work on this wonderful study tool!

This app is a blessing

I have been asking God for a closer walk with Him and I am grateful to my prayer-friend at Food for the Poor, who recommended Daily Streams to me. Also, with many resources available at my fingertips, it is nice to have the daily reminder pop-up so that I can simply touch it and be taken to some "daily bread".

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